WITS END is a non-alcoholic experience designed to give an alternative to alcohol. Their functional formulas and smart ingredients help promote feel-good vibes. Founder, Laurence Murray believes non-alcoholic drinks should be unusually delicious, well-crafted, and good for bodies and souls. People don't just drink for taste alone, we drink for many reasons but mostly to relax, feel good, and socialize.  With this in mind, he began a mission to create the world’s best booze-free Spirit.

After a year plus of research, development, lots of alchemy, and some experimenting. Wits End was born.


An Idea Born from Passion

Laurence’s background is in health and well-being, he is a qualified acupuncturist

and has worked for an essential oil company for many years.

“My passion is in all things healthy. I was never a big drinker but I do enjoy the social aspect. These reasons lead me to try different alcohol-free drinks, but I felt it was always a trade-down and didn't really hit the spot.

I realized the thing I missed the most was that slight relaxing feeling you would get from a pint or 2 or a gin-that kind of wind down, take the edge off and it was that feeling I realized was missing from Non-alcoholic drinks. With that in mind, I went about creating something different from what was on the market. Which is how Wits End was born.”

Becoming Self Employed

Laurence decided two years ago to take the chance and commit full time to his business.

“I became self-employed so I can change the way people drink can back myself and what I believe is the future of non-alcoholic adult drinks.” He tells us.


Different from Others in the Industry

 “I believe we have a unique angle where we cater to the real reason people drink alcohol, which is to relax and unwind.”

Challenges & Opportunities

For Wits End, finding a manufacturer and sourcing the best ingredients has been both a challenge and opportunity that the company has overcome.

 The company are also introducing new products to their line.

“We are launching a ready-to-drink cocktail range this Dry January, we found people would rather buy the cocktail than a big bottle of non-alcoholic spirits and mixers just to make a drink or two.”

Stand Out Moment

One stand out moment for Wits End and Laurence is being involved in the company’s rebrand.

“We are rebranding, we currently are just about ready to launch our new brand for Wits End, the old brand wasn't working or effective enough, but the new brand communicates a lot more and is true to the consumer.“

LEO Supports

Laurence applied for and was successfully granted a Feasibility Study Grant and an Innovation Voucher. He also completed the Food Starter course.

Plans for the Future

Laurence has big plans for Wits End. Expanding into the UK  and EU is on the cards as well as creating more delicious recipes and increasing product range.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

“You learn the most from mistakes and setbacks, staying positive is key to overcoming any challenges” Laurence shares.



Email: hello@witsenddrinks.com

Website: www.witsenddrinks.ie

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/witsenddrinks