Sustainability Basics for your business - Webinar 25th November 11.00-12.00


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Wednesday Webinar:  Sustainability Basics for your business. 

Sarah and Clare 25th Nov3

Speaker: Sarah Blake, Earthology and Clare Tate, Chocolatey Clare

11.00-12.00  Wednesday 25th November 2020


Have you considered how you might be able to improve sustainability in your business, possibly reduce costs and win customers because of your commitment? This talk will be an opportunity to hear some ideas that you can implement in your business. 

Sarah Blake from Earthology will discuss her top tips for making your business a more sustainable one. Sarah will cover the basics of becoming a greener business and measuring your carbon footprint. You'll come away with some easy action points to give your company some green credentials that will impress your clients and customers and help you on your sustainability journey.    Sarah will talk to member Clare Tait of Chocolatey Clare about the actions that she has taken to achieve sustainability throughout her business.

All are welcome but please book your place before 10.00 on Wednesday and I will send you the Zoom link:

Speaker Profiles

Sarah Blake, Earthology

Sarah Blake is passionate about communicating sustainability practices to businesses and individuals in a straightforward way, through talks, workshops and strategy. She believes that putting sustainability at the heart of what your business does will increase revenue, drive staff retention and reduce risk. Companies can be both Planet Positive and make a profit. Sarah’s background is a combination of both Human Resources (CIPD Associate) and Horticulture (RHS trained). After studying Sustainability at Cambridge University, Sarah established Earthology to help companies and individuals on their sustainability journey, one step at a time!


Clare Tait – Chocolatey Clare                     

“I set up my chocolate business in 2016 to meet the demand for a luxury vegan chocolate that aligns with my vision of the world. The chocolate has a rich depth of flavour, and with 57% cacao it lies on the edge of darkness. I carefully source my ingredients to ensure the highest standards of food ethics, and I use compostable packaging that's kind to the environment.

Before turning my hand at making chocolate, I worked as a technical German translator from 1987 and then in the field of adult literacy from 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these careers, particularly working with the amazing people I had the honour of meeting.

I hope you enjoy the chocolate, it's designed with exquisite taste and a kind heart.”


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