Create a free wordpress website - 1 Morning

Online delivery through zoom
26th January 2022
9:30 - 12:30

How to install WordPress and to use and customise templates, add extensive functionality through the most important plug-ins, add and manage content in an organised way

This event is no longer available

Course Description

On the completion of this workshop participants will be able to build and populate a WordPress website with text, videos, images and more. Starting from scratch, this interactive step by step process will show participants everything that is needed to get up and running.

In addition to building your a website, participants will learn how to make it look great and how to set it up so it will rank on Google. Participants will find out how to link the new website to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and how to make the most of these links.

Additionally, we will have a look at online sales with an introduction to the relevant plugins needed to sell online.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Introduction to Wordpress
  • Planning your website
  • Choosing themes to make your website look great
  • How to write compelling content
  • Use of media on your Wordpress website
  • Introduction to SEO Linking your website with social media Introduction to selling online

The delivery of this workshop will be broken done in to eight distinct sections as follows.

Section 1

Introduction to Wordpress.

  • 1.What is WordPress? WordPress vs Wix, Weebly etc.
  • Vs
  • 3.What is hosting and what options are available to me?
  • 4.Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard
  • 5.First step - get the settings right.

Section 2

Planning your website.

  • 1.What would you like to achieve
  • 2.What do you have to say?
  • 3.How are you going to say it?

Section 3

Choosing themes to make your website look great.

  • 1.Paid vs free themes
  • 2.Look and feel of a website
  • 3.Make sure your website is responsive
  • 4.Think of your visitors

Section 4

How to write compelling content

  • 1.Top tips for writing for the web
  • 2.How to communicate in a simple and effective way
  • 3.Introduction to keywords (Developed later in the SEO section).
  • 4.How to create hyperlinks (internal and external) 5.The importance of anchor text.

Section 5

Use of media on your Wordpress website

  • 1.How to upload pdf’s images and video to WordPress.
  • 2.How to edit your uploaded images.
  • 3.How to embed YouTube videos in a Wordpress Website.

Section 6

Introduction to SEO

  • 1.What is SEO?
  • 2.How to register your website with Google
  • 3.How to set up and install Google Analytics
  • 4.Overview of what Google is looking for

Section 7

Linking your website with social media.

  • 1.How to create the link properly
  • 2.Social buttons and how to use them
  • 3.Using social media to drive traffic to the right part of your website for the right reason.

Section 8

Introduction to selling online

  • 1.Overview of what is involved
  • 2.Overview of what plugins are needed
  • 3.Overview of what payment methods are out there.

Each workshop includes periods of teaching interspersed with highly practical online breakout groups where participants can work in small teams to collaborate, problem solve and support each other(supported by the facilitator)

Please Note: Zoom link will be emailed to participants the day before the workshop is due to begin.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare content for your website
  • Define a detailed site plan
  • Know what elements to include
  • Create a look and feel that aligns with your brand
  • Write content that will gain the attention of your customer
  • Develop content on Social Media platforms that will drive customers to your website