The art of managing people Monday 20th May 2024

online through Zoom platform
Monday 20th May
09:30 - 12:30

To develop the skills and understanding among Owner Managers to set up and develop performance management systems within their company and also to develop their skills in managing performance.

This event is no longer available


This course gives hands-on and flexible methods for managing performance that fit well with the special setting and limited resources of SMEs. Attendees will discover how to encourage high performance while keeping their team motivated and united. They'll learn how to make sure each team member's individual success contributes to the wider goals of the SME.

Course Content

   Understand why managing performance is key, especially in SMEs, and get a solid grasp of the basic principles that make performance management work.


    Learn the art of setting goals that are not only realistic and within reach but also make a real difference in driving the business forward.


    Develop the ability to provide feedback that matters and coach team members in a way that's both helpful and practical, especially when resources are limited.


    Discover strategies for dealing with team members who are not performing well and learn how to foster an environment where everyone is always looking to improve and do their best.


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