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Posted on December 16, 2013 by Catherine Howard


Frances_Pat-Salubria-300x210PJ Shankey and Frances O’Duffy have spent the last few years developing and launching their fantastic Salubria Health Game, questions from which appear weekly in The Wicklow People’s quiz section! Pat & Frances have given generously of their time to sit in our final hotseat for 2013 – many thanks to you both.


What led you to starting your business?I wanted a change from repairing and selling computers.

How did you raise the start-up funds you needed?We got a bank loan!

What was the most significant lesson you learned in starting your business?Be clear when recruiting others to carry out work for you. Have them email you what they understand you want them to do for you and the appropriate costs involved.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read, business or non-business?The Day of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth – It’s thinking on your feet, in action

Who is the entrepreneur you admire the most?Anyone who has the vision to build a business, the drive to succeed, the courage of their convictions to overcome obstacles, manage their disappointments, and the integrity to do it all without compromising others, is way up there on my hero radar.

Salubria_Box_slant_3D-279x300What have been the biggest challenges in your business to date?Marketing that is value for money

What has been the proudest moment in your business so far?The arrival of the 1st shipment of 3,000 units, the launch, the publicity, and above all, the feedback!

What was the best piece of business advice you ever got?If it seems too good to be true – then it probably is…

Can you recommend a good time management technique for other entrepreneurs out there?You ask for a ‘good time management’ technique, may I rephrase that to a ‘good time’ management technique. In other words do all the ugly things first – then you are on your way to doing the more desirable things later – finish on a high!

What magazine do you never miss each month?I try to keep up with my email newsletters

What is your favourite film?The Colour Purple

What is your favourite ad?I really like the video ‘Dumb ways to Die’ Public Service Advisory or PSA in the StatesSee if you can guess what it’s about before the end?

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?Ask your County Enterprise Board, meet at least 2 mentors

What do you like to do when you’re not running your business?I love the gym, jogging, and hill walking.

Have you found the self-employed formula for a work/life balance?I think if you agree to make certain things in your personal life non-negotiable, it is easier to live with yourself regardless of any business decisions – but be prepared to be constantly challenged on those decisions!

What’s your website?Please do check out Salubria The Health Game 

Do you have a Facebook page?

Are you on Twitter?

How has Wicklow CEB helped you and/or your business?Wicklow CEB has been, and continues to be, a great resource for information, advice and finance – all delivered with aplomb and efficiency.

If you could start up all over again, would you do anything differently?Yes. We would have sought a mentor earlier.