Engage for Growth with David Meade - 4th March

A highly energetic & interactive 90 minute session introducing the psychology of leadership & providing a practical toolkit for effective business management.

Leading in Turbulent Times with Mindfulness - 3rd March 2021

Learn practical tips, tools and techniques to develop more focus, clarity and calm in the midst of a busy work life.

A Changing HR & Employment Law Landscape: The Impact on Business

The health crisis has forced many businesses to re-think the role of people management and how it influences business strategy.

Online Marketing for Retail Enterprises 1st March 2021

In an era of Click & Collect retailers need to think of themselves less as shops and more as exporters, either locally, nationally or internationally.

Leadership & Delegation for Owner Managers - 22nd April 2021

This workshop is designed to assist Owner Managers at the growth/business change stage in the business life-cycle.