Understanding the Structure of Investment Deals - Wednesday 7th March

Considering raising money for your company? There are few as well qualified as Síofra to teach entrepreneurs how to understand the mechanics of a deal.

Make PR Work for You - Tuesday 6th March

Presented by Ellen Gunning, this 1/2 day workshop will provide attendees with information on how best to use PR for their business.

Building International Sales Channels - Monday 5th March

Learn how to find, select and manage market partners to increase your companies global reach.

Time Management – Control the Clock - Thursday 8th March 2018

This half day morning workshop will explore ways to organise, prioritise and make informed decisions about time management for your business.

Create a Free Website with WordPress - Wednesday 7th March 2018

This 1/2 day morning workshop on how your business can do better by creating a free website with WordPress.