Lean for Micro Programme Starts 7th April 2022 - Register Interest

Aimed at owners/managers who want to introduce lean concepts. The programme costs €250. Register your interest here & we will send you the application details.

Executive Presence: Having Impact & Influence - Workshop

Do you ever get frustrated that people don’t act upon your good ideas? Or do you wonder if people struggle to understand your point of view? This workshop will enable you to get yourself heard also also help you improve your impact and influence with key stakeholders.

Powerful Email Marketing for Business - Workshop

This workshop is aimed at businesses that wish to generate sales for their business using the E-mail form of digital marketing.

Positive Mindset & Resilience - Workshop

The objective of this online workshop is to support you in the development of specific skills and provide practical tools to help you during stressful periods.

4 Week Human Resource Management for Small Business Owners

Navigate the new remote / hybrid working landscape by gaining an appreciation of the employment contract, issues of employment equality, entitlements and more.