Executing a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy using AI Tools

Generate more ROI from your Digital Marketing efforts by unlocking the power of AI Tools. This event will help you develop a strategic approach and keep the “human element” at the forefront of everything you do.

⭐ NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT EVENT - Understand and Leverage Future Trends for your Business ⭐

Two international experts on Future Trends will present to a national audience as part of Enterprise Week 2024. The first session by Nancy Rademaker will discuss why businesses should embrace AI and how to find the right balance. The second part will be presented by Ady Floyd from TrendHunter who wi...

3 Steps to Becoming Financially Competent

Discover the real business opportunities which come from installing a simple accountancy system and how it can have a real impact in positive decision making.

AI Tools For Business 20th March 2024

Catch up with the latest developments in AI and learn how to leverage it to increase productivity, save you time, and promote your business.

10 Week Digital Marketing and AI for Business Course 25th March 2024

Equip yourself with the essential knowledge & skills required to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Process Automation, and the Ethics of AI.