Google Ads Workshop 1st Nov 2022

Designed for anyone who wants to understand and use Google Ads (pay per click) to grow their website, attract the right visitors & convert them into customers.

SurveyMonkey for Customer Research

Survey Monkey is the world’s leading online survey software. This beginners workshop is for anyone who wants to understand how to use SurveyMonkey for market & customer research.

Tools & Approaches for Managing Credit, Debt and Cashflow

Cash flow is an essential component of all businesses and is the primary indicator of business health. Learn tools to manage your credit, debt and cash flow.

Time Management 7th Dec 2022

Understand how to manage your time in order to meet deadlines & objectives for high-priority tasks.

Social Selling - Building Business

A practical and interactive workshop where you will develop skills and know-how to search and build business relationships online.