Powerful Email Marketing for Business - Workshop

This workshop is aimed at businesses that wish to generate sales for their business using the E-mail form of digital marketing.

Positive Mindset & Resilience - Workshop

The objective of this online workshop is to support you in the development of specific skills and provide practical tools to help you during stressful periods.

8 Week Start Your Own Business Course: Starts 11th May 2022

Looking to Start Your Own Business but unsure of where to begin? Book a place on our 8 week course. Starts Wednesday, 11th May 2022

Essential Marketing Exploration: Proven Tools & Techniques to Test Your Market

Learn the process of exploring and testing existing / potential markets for their products / services using different tools and techniques.

Financial Management (Advanced) Workshop 22nd June 2022

Build on existing knowledge and practices embedded within your SME and learn new improved systems and strategies to empower greater financial decision making.