Top Ten Legal Documents for Startups

A brief run through the top ten legal documents businesses should be familiar with, what small business owners should look out for & where the pitfalls may be.

How Being Green Can Help Your Business

A focused panel discussion on aspects of what suppliers (small businesses) need to know & need to be doing with regards to green credentials.

Peer to Pier Networking Walk - 10th March 2022

2.5km of networking along Dún Laoghaire's East Pier followed by a reception in Dún Laoghaire

Instagram Reels for Marketing Your Small Business

The secret to huge growth on Instagram right now? You guessed it, it’s Instagram Reels. But landing the perfect Reels strategy - and knowing how to use “all” those different editing features - is no mean feat.

Twitter for Business - Workshop

This workshop aims to guide business owners/managers who are interested in exploring the potential of Twitter to connect with their customers where they spend time…Twitter.