Network Events

Seminar 6: How to Stay Motivated during Covid-19 period - 20th May 2020

Aoife O'Brien of Empowerment Coaching will share tips on how to stay motivated during this period by understanding what your needs are.

Webinar 5: How to Enhance your Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is even more important during this time of social distancing, Lucy O'Reilly of LucyDesign will share valuable tips about what you can do to get results.

Webinar 4: LEO Dublin City Supports during Covid-19

David Connolly of LEO Dublin City will give a short talk on the supports available for start-ups and small businesses during Covid-19,

Webinar 3 How to Create Your Own Recession Proof Roadmap

Webinar 3 in our series on Thursday 23rd April will feature Business Coach and Member Fidelma Greene on the topic of How to Create Your Own Recession Proof Roadmap

Webinar 2: How to Manage your Life as well as a Business - Alana Kirk - 20th April 2020

The second in our series of Webinars will feature a talk by coach and author Alana Kirk, the MidLife Coach.