Network Events

Webinar 19th May 2021: 5 Psychology Tips to Make your Marketing More Effective

Cyberpsychologist Jing O'Reilly will share tips about how you can use insights from psychology for more effective marketing You have the power to make important decisions for your business and clients but how do you know you are doing the right thing? Are you influenced by your own bias? What do y...

Webinar 12th May: Negotiation for Women in Business with Jane Morgan of Gendelity

Confidence is key to negotiating but where to start? And what about those invisible barriers that women face when negotiating in professional contexts. This online introductory workshop highlights key themes and evidence-based approaches to start planning your professional negotiation.

Webinar 21st April: Developing a positive and confident entrepreneurial leadership by Edi Oliveira

This workshop aims to help you to develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills.