Network Events

Webinar 8: Bouncebackability! Developing resilience for a happier and healthier life - 10th June 2020

Gillian Fagan has agreed to do a talk on resilience – how can you increase your bouncbackability and develop your resilience? This talk will help you to understand more about human behaviour and learn practical skills to manage stress that you can apply simply to all areas of your life.

Webinar 7: Tips for Creating Great Content - Maedhbh Hand - 27th May 2020

It is more important than ever to generate interest with your online presence and Maedhbh Hand PhD, Business Blogger will share some tips on how to create great content.

Seminar 6: How to Stay Motivated during Covid-19 period - 20th May 2020

Aoife O'Brien of Empowerment Coaching will share tips on how to stay motivated during this period by understanding what your needs are.

Webinar 5: How to Enhance your Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is even more important during this time of social distancing, Lucy O'Reilly of LucyDesign will share valuable tips about what you can do to get results.

Webinar 4: LEO Dublin City Supports during Covid-19

David Connolly of LEO Dublin City will give a short talk on the supports available for start-ups and small businesses during Covid-19,